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May 24, 2007


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     May 19, 2007…

     Amazing how a few seconds [just a 180 degrees turn moment… literally…]  can change your disposition in life…

    Faith is indeed a weapon…

    Thanks Healer for this Claimed LIFE…

     VITA… Keep me for long…


Post Note:

    Non-sense huh?! You will never truly understand…


May 8, 2007

Getting Personal

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      I was blog hopping a few days ago and I found these interesting personal quiz post… So have fun… Let me introduce myself in a different way 🙂

Last cigarette: I don’t smoke 🙂

Last car ride: I don’t own a car… Malamang.. 🙂 if cab counts, a couple of weeks ago.. 

Last plane ride: Coming back from Leyte, April 4, 2007

Last good cry: Last Sunday, I received a very appreciative message from someone so dear… I just never thought I’ve been good [woohoo! 🙂 ] and tears just came… Sweet!

Last Library book checked out: Maybe more than a year ago… When I was still in school… I keep reading though… Hanging out on bookstores and borrowed ones… Thanks to JP’s astig lib 🙂 ..

Last movie seen: SpiderMan3…Last Sat… PowerPlant with my hiskul buddies around [Kulit, Troy and RoEx] It was so much fun… Thanks Giw!

Last book read: Sidney Sheldon’s Morning, Noon And Night… Almost done…

Last food consumed: My packed lunch of rice and hotdog… With Banana after and munching Missy’s fried bangus.. Lami!

Last crush: Well… Chiz Escudero! 🙂 Super cool guy…

Last phone call: Yesteday, someone called me up asking about the never-ending credit card thing… 🙂 I don’t care!!!

Last TV show watched: Unang Hirit while having breakfast earlier…

Last time showered: Hmm… Just this morning… about 7:50… hehe… Awhat?! Routine eh…

Last shoes worn: My black office shoes… It adds up to the warm weather 😦

Last CD played: Hmmm… I can’t remember…

Last item bought: My Nike white bag! Yahoo! 🙂

Last downloaded: Someone’s travel journal about her trip to Pagudpud… hehe… Wish lang…

Last annoyance: Hot! Hot! Hot! 🙂

Last disappointment: Bad me 😦

Last soda drank: Coke maybe last weekend…

Last thing written: This! hehe 🙂

Last key used: My bin key… I just found out I left my bin open last night… Pasaway!

Last words spoken: “May game ba ang Spurs today?”… to Sev… 🙂

Last sleep: Last night! 🙂

Last IM: Senyor JP with Senyorita Dangas… haha 🙂

Last weird encounter: Nothing’s strange lately…

Last ice cream eaten: The cookies n’ cream ice cream Kulit bought for me when I had my teeth extracted… For gum healing daw… Thanks… 🙂

Last time amused: Pinoy Big Brother latest updates… haha.. Im not a fan 🙂

Last time wanting to die: Never maybe… I love life!

Last time in love: Years ago… Last year… Last month… Yesterday… Now… I heart LOVE… 🙂

Last time hugged: Last weekend… 🙂

Last chair sat in: My cube chair … (Tama ba un?!)

Last time you went dancing: Just this morning… I just danced alone… Without any music.. haha… Weird me!

Last web page visited: PBB’s site! I told u! haha

Last fruity photo taken: Last April while in Leyte 🙂

Three names you go by:

  • Amor
  • Dangas
  • Maria

Three physical things you like about yourself:

  • Height
  • Teeth
  • Hair

Three physical things you don’t like about yourself:

  • Nails
  • Nose
  • Weight (haha)

Three things that scare you:

  • Total darkness
  • Rat
  • Close spaces 

Three of your everyday essentials:

  • Phone
  • Rosary in my pocket
  • Coin Purse

Three of your favorite musical artists:

  • Bmac
  • Side A
  • Jay-R Siaboc (cute!)

Three of your favorite songs:

  • Incomplete
  • Stay the Same
  • Back at One 

Three things you want in a relationship:

  • Honesty
  • Trust
  • Respect

Three physical things about the opposite sex that appeal to you:

  • Shaved head (its sexy!)
  • Clean nails
  • Simple

Three of your favorite hobbies:

  • Reading
  • Sleeping
  • Just staying at home

Three things you want to do really badly now:

  • a digicam
  • latest Mitch Albom book
  • a girly shoes (i don’t think I have one now…) 

Three careers you’re considering/you’ve considered:

  • Pre-school teacher
  • Youth Facilitator
  • JVP/Gawad Kalinga full-time volunteer 

Three places you want to go on vacation:

  • Batanes
  • Palawan
  • Bohol

Three kid’s names you like:

  • Nikka
  • Paul
  • Japanese names (diba?! hehe) 

Three things you want to do before you die:

  • Travel around Pinas
  • Be a JVP/Gawad Kalinga volunteer
  • Have my own family

Three ways that you are stereotypically male:

  • I burp 🙂
  • Skirt is nowhere in my system
  • I wear pudpud nails

Three people I admire:

  • Mama Mimi
  • Mama Liling
  • Cherry Dy

So there! Hope you’ll learn more about me with what I’ve “exposed” above 🙂

April 13, 2007

Our First Date :)

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     Im one of those ladies [naks! ladies.. hehe] who doesn’t like going out on a date… I find myself as Boy Amor 🙂 Okay… I went out on movies… Ate out with a “guy”… but the “guy” is always a cousin of mine… Always… I just never been to a date with a guy friend before not because I wasn’t asked out [Boohoo! Loser 🙂 ] but just because I don’t want to…

     Three sundays ago… Yes, that long before I decided to write about it 🙂 [Dyahe kunyari.. hehe] We did something different from what we usually do… Coming over at home… Watching DVDs… Pigging out [okay… just me 😛 ]…  

       I had my first date… Accidental date… 🙂 

       With the plans of coming home to Leyte coming up… My Tita [the vacation sponsor.. Thanks Ma! 🙂 ] decided to reschedule their flight to Leyte due to some delay with their flight from London. I was asked to have the date changed in CP’s office in Ortigas.

      I asked Kulit to accompany me to Ortigas and he happily agreed to come [wala sa plano ang movie] We started the day by offering Holy eggs to St. Clare in Katipunan [yes, he got interested in it too 🙂 ] and had our lunch… We went straight to Ortigas right away.

      When we got to Galleria, I took my waiting number [un ba tawag dun?! hehe] and was laughing when our number was more than 50 numbers away from what the counters were currently entertaining… We then decided to walk around and get/do the things that were on our list for that day while in mall. After buying Karen’s cap, having his watch extended for free! [bait nung manong sa shop… the shop near Mcdo,2nd floor… you go there para makalibre din kau… hahaha ] and other things… We went back to the office with our number still away from being called… This time we decided to just find seats in the waiting area and wait for our turn. So we waited… and waited… and waited… [Things that happened while waiting:  answered almost all the word hunt book we bought… finished our floats and fries… half of the Pringles gone… he slept for 15 minutes… and still were waiting 😛 ]

     And then he blurted out [maybe because he was just too sleepy 🙂 ]

        : If we’re done here early, let’s watch a movie before heading home…

     All I was able to say was ‘Okay…’ Half doubting if he meant it [ Peace Kulit 🙂 ]

     So when our turned finally came.. I went to the counter… Told her the new date that we want and waited my turned in the cashier… I was in shock when I found out how much the fee was… It was more than the ticket originally cost… Its like paying for another seat plus the terminal fee… 😦 Tip: If you don’t want to pay a lot, have you’re flight schedule changed early…

    And then we left… We called my Mama first to let her know that the transaction went well and that I’ll be home late because we’re going to see a movie in Gateway [its nearer to both our place].

     He liked Alpha Dog [I first thought its because of JT, but he defended that its the good reviews… Wushu! 🙂 ] and I liked Because I Said So [its a feel good, light movie… Okay… its a girly… funny movie… 🙂 ] We did “jack-en-poy” [funny! haha]  to know whose gonna have the final say and even if we tried it twice, he always won. So we watched Alpha Dog… [though he said if the my choice’s time was better, we could have watched it instead… Palusot.. 🙂 ] The movie was nice..Feeling sleepy though after having spag w/ meatballs and fruitshake [taks! 🙂 ]  It was worth watching… It was a true story btw…

     We headed home later after nine. Both happy for spending our day together differently 😛

Post Script: Possible “next time”

     In the middle texting last night: 

Kulit     : So asa man ta ugma? Movie? hehe

Dangas : hehe… Kulit! [First thing in mind: his kidding]

Kulit     : Kaso late na man ka mogawas ana noh? Nice unta iwatch og movie… Do you want?

Dangas : hehe.. Seryos to? [Now hoping he meant it… hehe]

Kulit     : haha… Dli jod motoo dah… Im asking you out on date lagi… wat man?

Dangas : Hmm… Late na man na kaajo… Next time na lamang [haha… Oh yes… I just said ‘No’ ]

Kulit    : Okay… Maybe next month… [Yes! there something to look forward to 😛 ]

haha… its his first time asking a girl out on a date and bad me, I didn’t take him seriously… hahaha btw.. I still have the movie pass and the food receipt we had last time… 🙂

March 22, 2007

WhAts KiPin’ mE sAnE?!

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      I’ve been thinking of posting serious stuff since I think I never posted one but unfortunately [or maybe as usual is more appropriate  🙂  ] I  can’t think of any… So here is what I have in mind about the things that are keeping me on track….

  • Having a wake up call of 7:35 AM. Yahoo! For some pips this might be early still but for someone who used to waking up at six in the morning on weekdays like me… It really is a Yahoo!! 🙂  Though I still feel sleepy sometimes and have to leave the office early evening… Lucky me, its less traffic, less people in the train stations, less stress…  so Yahoo! 🙂
  • Pinoy Big Brother 2. I never get to see the past seasons and I wasn’t interested either. But this time I’m having fun watching the show… I even check the show’s site on the net to get the latest updates about the housemates 🙂 and try to give clues on what’s next to be shown on tv to the people at home [just clues… I dont want to be a spoiler… slight lang 😛 ]. I used to love watching Am Idol too… but after my ala-BMac bet Jared [uber gorgeous] was voted out 2 weeks ago, I started not to care about the show…
  • Dumplings. Since I got into a new project with  a new working hours sched, I stay in the office until early evening these days and have to eat dinner most of the time while at work. I know dumplings exist but I only eat siomai before 😛 But now I discovered more varieties of wantons and dumplings at our food gallery… Yum! Yum!
  • Holy Eggs. Interesting huh?! My college friend, Memem, introduced us to offering eggs to St.Clare on its Monastery at Katipunan. Its something like doing a novena at Baclaran church. We used to go there during college days before exams and project defense to ask for guidance or just going there to say our gratitude for a fruitful semester [pasado 🙂 ] and for other personal things as well. Since then, I’ve been visiting the Monastery at least once a month and offering eggs to keep my spiritual life intact. Cool place! Pretty church… Quiet moments to think things over… [dapat tahimik kc may mga mongha somewhere 🙂 ] If you’re interested on visiting the place its located along Katipunan, few steps away from the train station… Btw, Thanks Memem 😛
  • Summer Time. I started my summer early by spending time along the Batangas shore last January and Im so looking forward for more. My project is going to White Rock at Subic by May. And what’s greater than spending days home in the province[we’re going next week]. I can stay by the sea all I want 😛 … Fresh air… Cool greens… Missed friends… Lovely relatives… Good times… and more…
  • Good laughs. I’ve been sharing good laughs with my cubemates Missy and KG lately 😛 We make up things to laugh at any time of the day to lighten the mood at work and keep us sane and awake at noon as well 🙂  Want a sample?! Closing your invisible window/door/blinds when your being teased or played at… [yeah! you won’t get it unless you’re us. haha ] People around us are starting to notice how weird the three of us can be laughing at ourselves and sometimes talking the way the three of us can understand… 😛
  • Someone. Ayeee! 🙂 Knowing that at the end of the day my bestfriend cares for me much makes me feels good no matter how bad my day went. It just amazing how a single text message can make you 🙂 I can be feeling pissed or worried on something and telling him about it makes me calm. Its really a good thing to have someone who knows you very well and knows how to handle  you when you think you can’t do it yourself. Gives you the other side of how you see things to make your understanding better… Thanks Kulit!  🙂 [as if he reads this…]

So there… These are the things that keeps me fine and feel “I belong” everyday… 🙂

March 12, 2007

What this blog brought me…

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New Friend 🙂

     A month ago someone I don’t know invited me to his Friendster list… I don’t usually add a stranger into my account… Most of the time I would send them a message first asking for how they come to know me… But when I explored his account I found out that he was a JVP volunteer and having such amazement in such world [if you have read my previous about this wonderful foundation 🙂 ] I just accepted his invitation and added him on my list. I sent him a message still asking why he invited me. Turned out that he had read my posts regarding my wild dreams of being a JVP 😛 … Yes! I just  made a new friend through blogging… Isn’t it great?! 🙂

    By the way, he’s Benj of Batch 26 and was assigned in Borongan, Samar… In anyway you’ve come to visit my blog again… I’m thankful to have met you 🙂 You’ve become an additional hope in me that someday, I’ll be brave as you to do it and wouldn’t mind being called “crazy” for doing so 😛

Lovely Comments 🙂

     Only my close friends from college know about my blog so everytime I have entries in my comment box, all of them are kulit comments from people I grew up with from Uni.

     Two weeks ago, I opened my page and found a funny comment from a stranger regarding my post on most commonly used greetings which I translated to Bisaya [with the best of my rough Bisaya skills, oh yeah! I accept that fact 🙂 ] It was Part 1 since I planned to share more yet as of the moment it never had additional parts… hehe… Maybe soon 🙂  The comment was a copied version of the entire translation part of that post with the bisaya translation entirely edited… hahaha 😛 

     Akalain nyo un?! Lahat talaga 🙂  Looking through the comment, the translation was more of a formal way of saying the greetings compared to the way I did it [un ang tingin ko 🙂  ] Living on different islands across the Visayas region might have caused it as well… For even if we all speak Bisaya there, differences are still possible because of the distant locations [just how different people from Metro Manila and Batangas speak Tagalog 🙂 ]…

    I tried to check the commentor’s [tama ba?! hehe] homepage but I can’t seem to find a way to get to know the person[d ako bitter 🙂 ] That’s why I just replied on the comment and said thanks  for doing it for it’s nice to know that someone is reading my blog especially someone I don’t know… and I did learn from it too… It helped me furnish [naks!] my bisaya tongue somehow… 🙂

   Hopefully, I’ll be able to add more post regarding translation since a friend once asked me for the second part [O diba, may nagbabasa nito pare 😛 ]..

Others: friday out 

     My team went to see a movie last Friday… 300… Since I’m with a team for a client from France, we have to be in the office until early evening to mend the different time zones. After dinner which was few minutes after 8, we went to Ayala mall to watch… It wasn’t my type of flick… though Kulit loved it… The movie was done past 11 and it was too late for me… I missed the train so I took the bus home which was scary 😦

     I had fun though… She and I made the movie funny 😛

Un lang… Bow!

Weeks more and its Leyte here we come 🙂

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