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January 9, 2007

Welcome to the Club: Lizette!

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      Lizette is in!

      She started yesterday 🙂

      Astig! Lizette is my ultimate company in college.. [We can’t even believe it either]… We’re classmates since college day 1 and sitting beside each other [kung wala ung parent] on our graduation day! We were on the same class for five years… We’re always seatmates during classes even if we were arranged alphabetically [Roa comes after Revilla all the time 😛 ] We even promised each other that once any of us will be an irregular student, the other one will follow the other’s schedule so that we will still be on the same class… That’s why when one of us decided to take up advance classes during summer, the other one decided to forget coming home to province just to be in the same class… We’re in the same things too.. Even in YFC… We even lived in the same house for one school year… Lupet db?!

     And now that we are in the same company… I even heard that she will be with Oracle too… Naman! Im hoping to see her around my floor next month and hopefully be assigned to the team that I am in…

     SANA!  🙂 


     Kaya natin to! Nagawa natin sa AdU so > Inc. din! … 😛


November 15, 2006

Welcome to the Club : Elver

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     Go Elver!

      I know it has been a rough road but look where you are now! [May work na sya] Galing talaga 🙂

     Oh libre mo ko ha! May bayad to… 😉

     Hope you’ll adjust well and soon… We all know that you’re very good in this craft so yakang-yaka mo to!

     Astig mo Yayo 😛

November 6, 2006

Wished he was there…

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     Last Saturday, I met with Lizet and Apple in Gateway. With them were Mikoy, Lizet’s fufu 😉 and their officemates [Maricar, Gemma and Sir Junie].

     We met primarily because I miss eating at Jollibee 😛 [Ang lakas ko!] But since their officemates were around, I just joined them on what they wanted. They decided to eat at Pizza Hut Bistro [Babay Jobee… and elow fine dining… Un pala yun kaya may “Bistro” 🙂 ]. I didn’t really got to talk with them much but I laughed with their stories and parinig to Apple lines… 😉 Mikoy and I talked about office stuffs.

     My Kulet was invited to come for them to get to know him. It was the reason why Mikoy was around, for him to be at ease with the company. But sadly, he wasn’t able to come 😦  … Mas hinanap pa nila ung taong un kesa sa akin nung magkita-kita kami [Akalain mo un?! 😀 ] He promised to come the next time though [Aba dapat lang! Kundi aawayin na nila ako…]

    Hopefully, he could come the next time so he’ll get to meet and be friends with the people I am with in my whole college years. That will be soooo nice… 🙂  Wag lang nila akong ilalaglag ng harap-harapan dun pag nagkataon… [Asa Amor! Sila pa.. 😀 ]

    After we ate, their officemates left for home and other engagements while the four of us decided to stay and walk around to lighten our full stomach.. 😛  Mikoy and I got to see techie gadgets too.  We went home soon after that since it was getting late.


     We saw Kuya Ace [Aps bro] in the mall… D nya kmi nilibre 😦 Nagmamadali kc, late na ata for work 😉

     To Khae:

     It was a last minute get together and we all knew you are in night shift these days so we didn’t bother you to come. Pero mas masaya sana kung kasama ka… May maaasar kami… 😛

    See you soon 😮

Heart or Mind?

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     😉 Intriguing…

     I got to talk about with my college tropa regarding personal concerns which one us have[tumahimik-ka-amor-to kaya hulaan nyo na lang kung sino 😉 ].

     Basically, it was about which to follow, the heart or the mind. Thinking about what really matters. Someone shared what really is happening and questions were asked to clear things more. Then it went to this:

    “Some things are not really meant to happen no matter how good they feel. No matter how they seem to be right when heart is what we consider. Mind just give you a clearer view over things and tells you on what to do better. It might hurt to do this but it will hurt more if you choose the other way. ”

     Personally, based on what I was told about… Mind should take a lead for now… I guess heart’s time has not yet come… 😦

     I believe, its just a part of life’s adventures that anyone must take to have a more smooth journey farther ahead… 🙂


October 31, 2006

Book Authored by ME?!

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     That’s what a tropa just said to me a while ago… 🙂

     Vote Arvin to be my blog visitors’ prex!

     Mikoy and Arvin have been my long distance buddies these week. They’ve been bugging me by teasing me about anything lately [Ako lang ata naka online sa list nila kaya wala silang choice 😛  ] Which btw, is cool… I didn’t really get to kid hardcore with these two during our 4 years together in college. Astig 🙂 

    Then, Arvin visited this page of mine and commented that I write pretty cool. He even suggested that I can write a book and he would avail [Lany, adik ba asawa mo?! 😛 Bob Ong daw…]…

   Anyway, it actually made me realize how much I used to love writing before. I used to be so passionate about it. I even enjoyed my Journalism classes and dreamed of having it as a career. Maybe that was what I was thinking at the back of my mind when I started this one. I love to write… And I wanna go back there in my little ways…

    Thanks to Arvin for that thought. It brought back memories… Nice.. 🙂

    Thanks to Mikoy for visiting and patronizing my page… Tropa ka nga 😛

     Humanda kaung dalawa kapag nasa same site na tau! 🙂

     And who knows…[Pag kaya ko na buto ko 🙂 ]  Book Authored by Me…

     Possibility is as close as anyone’s breathe…


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