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April 13, 2007

Our First Date :)

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     Im one of those ladies [naks! ladies.. hehe] who doesn’t like going out on a date… I find myself as Boy Amor 🙂 Okay… I went out on movies… Ate out with a “guy”… but the “guy” is always a cousin of mine… Always… I just never been to a date with a guy friend before not because I wasn’t asked out [Boohoo! Loser 🙂 ] but just because I don’t want to…

     Three sundays ago… Yes, that long before I decided to write about it 🙂 [Dyahe kunyari.. hehe] We did something different from what we usually do… Coming over at home… Watching DVDs… Pigging out [okay… just me 😛 ]…  

       I had my first date… Accidental date… 🙂 

       With the plans of coming home to Leyte coming up… My Tita [the vacation sponsor.. Thanks Ma! 🙂 ] decided to reschedule their flight to Leyte due to some delay with their flight from London. I was asked to have the date changed in CP’s office in Ortigas.

      I asked Kulit to accompany me to Ortigas and he happily agreed to come [wala sa plano ang movie] We started the day by offering Holy eggs to St. Clare in Katipunan [yes, he got interested in it too 🙂 ] and had our lunch… We went straight to Ortigas right away.

      When we got to Galleria, I took my waiting number [un ba tawag dun?! hehe] and was laughing when our number was more than 50 numbers away from what the counters were currently entertaining… We then decided to walk around and get/do the things that were on our list for that day while in mall. After buying Karen’s cap, having his watch extended for free! [bait nung manong sa shop… the shop near Mcdo,2nd floor… you go there para makalibre din kau… hahaha ] and other things… We went back to the office with our number still away from being called… This time we decided to just find seats in the waiting area and wait for our turn. So we waited… and waited… and waited… [Things that happened while waiting:  answered almost all the word hunt book we bought… finished our floats and fries… half of the Pringles gone… he slept for 15 minutes… and still were waiting 😛 ]

     And then he blurted out [maybe because he was just too sleepy 🙂 ]

        : If we’re done here early, let’s watch a movie before heading home…

     All I was able to say was ‘Okay…’ Half doubting if he meant it [ Peace Kulit 🙂 ]

     So when our turned finally came.. I went to the counter… Told her the new date that we want and waited my turned in the cashier… I was in shock when I found out how much the fee was… It was more than the ticket originally cost… Its like paying for another seat plus the terminal fee… 😦 Tip: If you don’t want to pay a lot, have you’re flight schedule changed early…

    And then we left… We called my Mama first to let her know that the transaction went well and that I’ll be home late because we’re going to see a movie in Gateway [its nearer to both our place].

     He liked Alpha Dog [I first thought its because of JT, but he defended that its the good reviews… Wushu! 🙂 ] and I liked Because I Said So [its a feel good, light movie… Okay… its a girly… funny movie… 🙂 ] We did “jack-en-poy” [funny! haha]  to know whose gonna have the final say and even if we tried it twice, he always won. So we watched Alpha Dog… [though he said if the my choice’s time was better, we could have watched it instead… Palusot.. 🙂 ] The movie was nice..Feeling sleepy though after having spag w/ meatballs and fruitshake [taks! 🙂 ]  It was worth watching… It was a true story btw…

     We headed home later after nine. Both happy for spending our day together differently 😛

Post Script: Possible “next time”

     In the middle texting last night: 

Kulit     : So asa man ta ugma? Movie? hehe

Dangas : hehe… Kulit! [First thing in mind: his kidding]

Kulit     : Kaso late na man ka mogawas ana noh? Nice unta iwatch og movie… Do you want?

Dangas : hehe.. Seryos to? [Now hoping he meant it… hehe]

Kulit     : haha… Dli jod motoo dah… Im asking you out on date lagi… wat man?

Dangas : Hmm… Late na man na kaajo… Next time na lamang [haha… Oh yes… I just said ‘No’ ]

Kulit    : Okay… Maybe next month… [Yes! there something to look forward to 😛 ]

haha… its his first time asking a girl out on a date and bad me, I didn’t take him seriously… hahaha btw.. I still have the movie pass and the food receipt we had last time… 🙂


November 7, 2006


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     Kulet came over last Sunday. He came early. I was still sleeping when he left their pad. With no traffic along the way he was with me before 10. I realized, he did gain some weight which actually looks good on him.

    We stayed home the whole day which is what we usually do. We both like it more because we get to be together and be with my family at the same time. It feels good to see that he’s not a stranger everytime he is with us. He looks comfortable kidding around with my brothers and throwing jokes with Mama  🙂  Galing… There are even instances that all of them including him will make fun of me and tease me about anything… Nakakaasar  😉  But its actually cool because it feels good to see him bond with them that well.

     It has been a while now. The journey wasn’t all easy and yet we’ve come this far and this stable. Hope things do stay these way no matter what. 😉

    We ended the day hearing mass together. He planned to stay in QC until the next day in his Tita but then decided to just go home instead. We ate dinner before he left and he was home by 10.

    Sa uulitin! 😛

November 6, 2006

Wished he was there…

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     Last Saturday, I met with Lizet and Apple in Gateway. With them were Mikoy, Lizet’s fufu 😉 and their officemates [Maricar, Gemma and Sir Junie].

     We met primarily because I miss eating at Jollibee 😛 [Ang lakas ko!] But since their officemates were around, I just joined them on what they wanted. They decided to eat at Pizza Hut Bistro [Babay Jobee… and elow fine dining… Un pala yun kaya may “Bistro” 🙂 ]. I didn’t really got to talk with them much but I laughed with their stories and parinig to Apple lines… 😉 Mikoy and I talked about office stuffs.

     My Kulet was invited to come for them to get to know him. It was the reason why Mikoy was around, for him to be at ease with the company. But sadly, he wasn’t able to come 😦  … Mas hinanap pa nila ung taong un kesa sa akin nung magkita-kita kami [Akalain mo un?! 😀 ] He promised to come the next time though [Aba dapat lang! Kundi aawayin na nila ako…]

    Hopefully, he could come the next time so he’ll get to meet and be friends with the people I am with in my whole college years. That will be soooo nice… 🙂  Wag lang nila akong ilalaglag ng harap-harapan dun pag nagkataon… [Asa Amor! Sila pa.. 😀 ]

    After we ate, their officemates left for home and other engagements while the four of us decided to stay and walk around to lighten our full stomach.. 😛  Mikoy and I got to see techie gadgets too.  We went home soon after that since it was getting late.


     We saw Kuya Ace [Aps bro] in the mall… D nya kmi nilibre 😦 Nagmamadali kc, late na ata for work 😉

     To Khae:

     It was a last minute get together and we all knew you are in night shift these days so we didn’t bother you to come. Pero mas masaya sana kung kasama ka… May maaasar kami… 😛

    See you soon 😮

Heart or Mind?

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     😉 Intriguing…

     I got to talk about with my college tropa regarding personal concerns which one us have[tumahimik-ka-amor-to kaya hulaan nyo na lang kung sino 😉 ].

     Basically, it was about which to follow, the heart or the mind. Thinking about what really matters. Someone shared what really is happening and questions were asked to clear things more. Then it went to this:

    “Some things are not really meant to happen no matter how good they feel. No matter how they seem to be right when heart is what we consider. Mind just give you a clearer view over things and tells you on what to do better. It might hurt to do this but it will hurt more if you choose the other way. ”

     Personally, based on what I was told about… Mind should take a lead for now… I guess heart’s time has not yet come… 😦

     I believe, its just a part of life’s adventures that anyone must take to have a more smooth journey farther ahead… 🙂


October 31, 2006

It can happen…

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      I learned about my friends’ break up yesterday. It was mentioned that the reason why they broke up was because the gal just woke up one day and felt that she’s not inlove with the guy no more. Anak ng! 😦

     But of course they have their reasons…

     Possible pala yun?! We were talking and laughing about it. Reason like that, it was something that we only read in books and see on movies. Another friend said it’s somethng scary and he even teased her gf that maybe she’ll feel the same towards him [d naman daw 🙂 ].

     Personally, I felt scared too. I have a high school friend, his gf left him for the same reason. They were together for like 7 years.. They actually grew up together. Posible pala talagang magsawa… 😦 But how can that be? How do you fall out of love with someone, when once in your life, you actually wished of spending the rest of your life with that person? Hope that instance won’t come my way [It won’t Kulet 🙂 ].

    Oh well, Life can really go unexplainable at times. It really has its own ways. We’re just glad that those people are doing good in their separate lives right now. Glad, that inspite of what happen, they continue to remain good friends. It may take a while to heal everything but atleast they’re take taking one step at a time. 🙂

   And yes, It can Happen…

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