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June 27, 2009

To Tatay

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        And so he sailed away last night…

        I heard he was all this strong father who tended his farm (and its not a small piece of land at all)  during his glory years. I don’t have a memory of him doing that. Looking after the many squares of  rice fields in Kamuog. But when Mama told me that during their childhood, sacks of rice from the past harvest were still in their sacks come the another season of harvest time. I pictured Tatay to be this strong man that he was. They are a family of nine so the hard work to put it all together in the farm and raising the family had been really a big thing for him.

        I always see him as a silent family man. He is not the kind of grandfather who plays with grandkids or maybe because I’m a girl so i did not see that haha. But he was always there.  I’m trying to pick up a certain moment in my life that he was clear and I remember one.

        I spent an entire year of my third grade with him and Nanay in the province while the rest of my family was in Manila. I remember every month, we would go to Maasin to withdraw their monthly allowance. I would be sitting in his lap on the way there and back. That’s two hours each way but I never remember he complained.  I always looked forward for this trip as it was one of the few times that I can go out of our town and travel. And of course, they always let me pick up a box of chocolates before heading home.

       I also remember as a toddler, we go to him when our teeth need a pull… Hahaha.. Loose tooth was just a thread and salted water  away.  He would always tell a made up giddy stories to distract and calm our teary and scared little souls then he’d do a quick pull out of nowhere and its done. Haha.

       He spoke very good English. Maybe because of early years with the Americans in the country. But it was not the same in Tagalog. I remember one time when he came in the city, he was so full of praises and amazement when heard a toddler speak Tagalog fluently (as if its not a normal thing!). It always brought good laughs when we talked about it during get togethers.

        He is also good in tracing family roots. When someone comes over in the family home even someone he hasn’t met before, he always asked for family and parents name and from there he’s be able to trace the guest’s folks generations ahead of him/her. Cool memory eh?! I used to laugh when my cousins would court someone and he would asked about the girls backgound. And almost all the time it always end up that the girl is a cousin or a relative many degress away. Hahaha. My cousins would always get amused and irritated when they heard the dont-go-for-that-girl-she-is-a-relative line with the long family tree connection story from him.

       I also remember that he is a Kulafo and Shok Tong (famous alcoholic drinks among old folks)  lover during his younger years. Haha… Cheap fun for him! He also loved to keep himself groomed always. Even when he was sick and bed ridden he would always request for his barber when he feels his hair needed a trim.

      He was also a gracious host and he loved to talk to them. Years back, we used to have relatives coming over from other places and he always made sure that the visitors were feeling comfortable though most of the time the guests are from Nanay’s side of the family. I actually just realized its uncommon that his relatives come over.

      When he spent a few months here last year, we always laugh about how nosy he can be about what time we come home from school and work. He always commented that 9 in the evening is very late. Hahaha.

      So to Tatay… I hope you’re having a good rest now. I’m sure Diabetes had a hard time with you. You fought a good fight. It’s also considerate of you not to go on your daughter’s bday (Mama’s bday today). It would have been hard for her to celebrate her bday in the coming years.  Thank you for that…

      I  will always remember you as a devoted husband. Always worrying and defending Nanay all the time. Even when you are weak yourself, you always made sure she is okay. I will forever see you that way…

     I’m happy that all your kids are with you during your last moments. I thank God for that. May you find your way to Him and keep your cheery self… 

     Bye Tay… Glad that you are now Home 🙂


November 7, 2006


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     Kulet came over last Sunday. He came early. I was still sleeping when he left their pad. With no traffic along the way he was with me before 10. I realized, he did gain some weight which actually looks good on him.

    We stayed home the whole day which is what we usually do. We both like it more because we get to be together and be with my family at the same time. It feels good to see that he’s not a stranger everytime he is with us. He looks comfortable kidding around with my brothers and throwing jokes with Mama  🙂  Galing… There are even instances that all of them including him will make fun of me and tease me about anything… Nakakaasar  😉  But its actually cool because it feels good to see him bond with them that well.

     It has been a while now. The journey wasn’t all easy and yet we’ve come this far and this stable. Hope things do stay these way no matter what. 😉

    We ended the day hearing mass together. He planned to stay in QC until the next day in his Tita but then decided to just go home instead. We ate dinner before he left and he was home by 10.

    Sa uulitin! 😛

Paolo’s Day!

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    It’s my youngest sibling’s birthday today!

    He’s been so much of a grown up now… He’s way taller than I am now… Not the same sooo Mama’s boy 🙂  And maybe a gf soon [Tagam kang mama dots! 🙂 ]

     He found his passion in computers and we’re all glad that he’s good on something he enjoys so much. Most people find him very quiet yet inside our home he’s the clown. We even find him being evilish at times for making fun of anybody in the family. 🙂

     Hope he continue to do good and grow up the same way that he is… Someone who loves TV channels like Cartoon Network, Animax and Discovery Channel… Someone who stays up until past midnight just to watch documentary shows on TV… Someone who behaves so well and play nice when he needs some help especially with school stuffs yet bugs me over anything just because he loves doing so…  😛

     Love You Pao-pao! 😛

     Happy Birthday…

October 27, 2006


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       Wala ko maisip na title… Kaya ayan na lang… 🙂

       A friend, Khae, suggested to me that I changed my status declaration from Single to Head of the Family in my BIR form since Im supporting my family and lesser tax deduction will help our finances indeed. Funny was, it took me a while to think about it. I mean, I can’t believe I am because Im still young. hehe 🙂

        I’ve asked our HR Operations personnel  [Ms. Lorna] regarding the guidelines and I believe I have met them.

       My Mama got Paolo’s [my brother] birth certificate from NSO yesterday so today I’m routing the accomplished forms and the photocopies of our birth certificates. Hope it will be approved. Sana!  

       It might be a little help but still it is… 

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