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November 15, 2006

Go Gurl!

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     Work has been tough for me lately… Things are “out of my coverage area”. I really have so much more to learn about the language we are using…

     It gets worse when I can’t even figure out what questions to ask to my collegues for me to understand what to do when things get too confusing for me… I feel so little at times… Where’s my brain 😦

       Good thing my lead, Anna, is very helpful. Though sometimes I feel being so dependent to her and think that I’m consuming so much of her time for her own tasks. Thanks Anna 😛

        Oh well… I just really have to accept the fact that I don’t know everything regarding Oracle so far. I still have long way to go. I also have to remember that I have my team mates that are willing to guide me…

    Go gurl 🙂

    Keep Learning! Life is gooooood 😛


November 9, 2006


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    We had auditing yesterday to keep the company’s international standard certification regarding security still intact… And since I wasn’t in the company yet during the last audit, I was having worries in case I’ll be questioned by the auditors… 🙂 

    That is why I took some time to get familiar with my way around the SourceSafe and other security stuffs all the employees must know to abide with the certification.


    Good thing! I wasn’t one of the randomly chosen people who were asked… Lucky me! [Kundi baka ako maging rason para mabawi sa amin un bragging rights na un] 🙂

    Because I think even if I’ve read enough and got familiar with the important things, it will never be the same feeling when an auditor sits beside me in my area and start asking me…  😦

    Yet I guess the auditing helped me a lot… because I’m aware of the inner core of my environment now… I never thought I’m this safe when any discomfort from mother nature, bugs and human caused arrives. Galing! 😮

    And did I mention I’m one of my team’s emergency marshalls? 😀

    Lupet db?!

October 30, 2006

Rainy Monday…

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     I started my day at 6 in the morning which is late than the usual. 🙂 What can I do? It’s raining hard and my bed seems so lovely… I left the house geared up, wearing my jacket, in slippers [good thing I left my shoes in the office last friday] , pants folded up and with my umbrella of course [That’s why he tells me im a good girl 😛 ]. Bawal magkasakit! and I dont want to reach the office looking wasted. hehe

    I arrived in GT minutes after 8. I guess everybody was feeling sleepy like I do. Blame it to the weather!  🙂  And knowing its a Monday, we always have weekend hang over. My team lead [Anna] isn’t around too. She sent me a message earlier that’s she not feeling well. Too bad there’s a flood in their place and the electricity is off too… Buti na lang the weekly team meeting was scheduled tomorrow or else I will be the one reporting for our group which I find myself being funny everytime I do [2 lang kami sa team kaya if wala sya,wala nang iba.. ako] 🙂

   Im hoping Mr. Sun will give us a nicer show tomorrow. 😛


October 25, 2006

Officially IN

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          Today is my first day as a regular Junior Software Engineer a.k.a Programmer [Ehem…:)] at work. I received my Letter of Permanency last Monday. Six months just passed by. I got here less than a month after I graduated. I was actually planning to rest for a while before working but opportunities just came in. Good opportunities… I dreamed of working and being a part of this organization, though I dreaded the position [hehehe]. I never thought things will be this fine with me in this line of stuffs. Everything is a learning process indeed and I’m proud of myself for taking the challenge.

             It may not be as easy as people think but I lasted these long. I also had my low days. Days when I wished, Im doing the things that I wanted more. Things in my to-do-list in life. And yet finding where I am now, I can say, IM PROUD!

          My team now is good and fun. Everyone welcomed me warmly and I can sincerely say that I learned a lot from them. They are generous to my questions and concerns. Im joyful, I belong with them.          

          I realized, how truly blessed I am. I have a good job that I can be proud of , Im earning well for my family and still live the way that I want to. Go out once in while and have fun. And for that, I AM THANKFUL..


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