La Belle Vita

Dreams to Catch

  •  I used to love sleeping and reading and I guess I still do if given the chance to do so. I have books in mind that I want to read but I can’t afford them all so maybe I’ll just wait for something I may borrow. 🙂
  • I wish to travel around Pinas. First stop is Bohol. Man! I wanna be there.. I’ve been to Cebu but i can’t brag about it because I was there for like three hours only.. hehe..Just a stop over from Manila to Leyte 🙂 I want to visit Guimaras but with the tragedy last August, I doubt it for now. I wanna explore Batanes. It looks very interesting from what I saw in the shows. And my list goes on…
  • Im the happiest person when Im in the water. I like to learn scubadiving in the wide ocean, to surf and and ride a banana boat that flips every 5 minutes… 🙂
  • I wanna do bungee… And skydive (crazy…)  Maybe anything extreme because I grew up not so interesting 🙂
  • I wanna be a JVP and spend a year in Mindanao teaching kids.
  • I wanna be in GK and be like Ate Cherry and more.

Hahay… I’ve got a lifetime.. I hope to make my own list happen. 🙂


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