La Belle Vita


    I want to be more of an interesting person  🙂  this year… So I want to keep a list of the things I’m most excited about and what I am looking forward this year… 

This will be updated, when something is done or I want to add something to it…

 Hope It’ll be good… Go dangas 😛

  • Read atleast  10 books
  1. Dear John (Nicholas Sparks – Jan-06)
  2. The Last Juror (John Grisham – Mar-09)
  3. The Fortunate Pilgrim (Mario Puzo – Mar-13)
  4. Roses Are Red (James Patterson – Apr-18)
  5. Violets Are Blue (James Patterson – Apr-20)
  6. Stainless Longganisa (Bob Ong – Apr-22) Lupeeeet!! 🙂 Pag-Asa ng Pinas!
  7. The Monkey’s Raincoat (Robert Crais – Apr-27)
  8. Stalking The Angel (Robert Crais – Apr-30)
  9. Lullaby Town (Robert Crais – May 2)
  10. Morning, Noon And Night (Sidney Sheldon – May-9)
  11. The Naked Face (Sidney Sheldon – May-14)
  12. The Beach House (James Patterson – Jun 19)
  13. MacArthur (Bob Ong – Jun 24) Go Gawad Kalinga 🙂
  14. Four Blind Mice (James Patterson – Jun 28)
  15. Big Bad Wolf (James Patterson – Jul 2)
  16. The Sky is Falling (Sidney Sheldon – Jul 30)
  17. Are You Afraid of the Dark (Sidney Sheldon – Aug 2)

     I actually read a number books since August but got lost on listing them down. More on James Patterson. Read the last installment of the HP series as well (Thanks Lizette for that! 🙂 ) . And know that I will be reading for more….

  • Spend a day under the sun
  1. La Luz Resort (San Juan Batangas – Jan 27-28)
  2. Blue Lagoon & Saud Beach (Pagudpud, Ilocos – May 19)
  • Visit a province that i’ve never been before
  1. Ilocos (Vigan->Laoag->Pagudpud – May 18-20)
  2. Baguio (Nov. 1-3) With James, Mikoy and Lizette… Feeling the love….
  • Learn to love atleast one veggie
  1. I sucked here… Maybe in 2008. Again?!
  • Get involved into sports
  1. Futsal Clinic (Club 650 Libis – Mar 3)
  • Be a SFC
  • Learn a new langauge
  • Learn to cook aside from anything fried 🙂
  1. Chicken Adobo (Feb-10)
  2. Tomato Based Chicken Stew (Feb-17)

   Cooked more dishes but got lost in listing them as well. Poor goals…

   So there! I guess my 2007 is not that bad… More than half of my list were checked!

   Good year… Good indeed!


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