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May 15, 2008

Updated: Mitti

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     To make up for the space she left… I have this…

  • She checked out codes for me from Serena (very IT 🙂 )
  • She never hesitated to stand up from her seat if I asked for help with my codes (IT ulit)
  • She gave me code sample to guide me with my tasks (IT ulit ulit)
  • She bullied me to buy them pizza on my bday on ’06 which made cry to sleep on my bday night 😦 (Napansin ni Anna… haha)
  • She gave me smaller bills when my money was a 100 bill and rumors about freaking bus driver and coductor modus operandi spreaded (Ate na ate…)
  • She influenced me to love mango shake with sago
  • She let me use her player so I won’t get bored
  • She used to make me buy her morning food… Pahealthy… Pinyapol…
  • She used to be on a no rice diet… Just plain ulam galore… For about… about.. a month!!! (d kinaya?! haha… Mababasa kaya ni Gilbert to? Lagot ako!!!)
  • She lets me browse Friendster and this site on her desktop… (hep! hep! Before you react… on lunch breaks naman… until… hmmm… mga 2… hahaha… Sneaky space of hers that is mine now… wahaha!) 
  • She let me read her Kuya’s books (book uuds…)
  • She is the bunsong unica hija in their family and yet she was very sisterly to me and to She

     A good friend who was brave enough to leave. Packed her things and gets to smell KL (quoting her ‘Ullckkk’) … hahaha… The last time I saw her I envied KC for having the courage to hug her for the last time. I didn’t want to cry that’s why I did not even try (Im liking the rhymes!). Two weeks of not seeing her in the office and it finally sinked in me that she already left. 

    I have mixed emotions (her fave song… dapat konek pa din) upon learning that she’s finally going and leaving. I’m happy for finally she’s getting what she wants. Going can mean growth as well. In every aspect. Career. As a person. Self worth. And yet, I’m tearfully sad inside. Just the thought of not having someone to annoy everyday (malditang bata! haha) and someone that I can actually laugh with and look forward to spend my day with even if it is in the office. Wala ng magugulat kapag sumilip ako sa cube nya. It’s just plain sad… Hayyy….

   So to you Mitti… I wish you well… Sabi nga ni Chris… Good luck sa mga pagsubok… hahaha… 🙂 Goodluck talaga… I finally realized that I shoud start moving my butt and go get my own passport (loser tlga ako! haha) and hopefully anytime soon (kung kelan man dumating si Soon) we will visit you in KL sidetrip to SG (booh to us… May aalis na naman…). Panalo yun… Free space to while enjoying your home bases… (walang masama sa pangarap! haha).

   I will see you soon again… Saan kaya?! You are truly missed. It’s been weeks but to capture what I really want to say ito yun: “Madaya ka! Iniwan mo kami! ” 😛 haha…. Can’t get over pa din pala…

   So Aja! Have a good time smelling Malaysia… Truly Asia… 🙂



May photo sana tong post na to… Kaso.. Kaso.. d ko na alam kung pano mag upload… hahaha.. Update ko na lng 🙂

Update: Yay! The joke of visiting Mitti to KL will happen this week (akalain mo na yan!) plus… plus… visiting KG in SG over the weekend as well… This means I moved my butt indeed ang got myself a passprt… Travel galore it is! Will post pics soon… 🙂


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