La Belle Vita

February 15, 2008

Big Girls Can Cry…

Filed under: Just Thinking... — by dangas @ 8:14 pm

      Life’s strange… Anything is possible… You can be so highly happy yesterday and so deeply sad today. And human can be stranger… We tend to embrace the sadness more than when we feel happy. I guess happiness make us feel so free and don’t think of the fact that you are feeling more than okay. Being crappy is just so opposite… It makes us stop and inhale the sadness we feel. I can’t figure why. But I think that’s how we really are. 

      I can’t think of any other way to describe happiness right now. It’s because I’m feeling more sadness than the other. My messenger status says “Crap Sucks” and it does. It does big time. Two people have asked me why. And I told don’t them that I can’t talk about it. I actually questioned myself too. But sadly sad… I can’t think of any thing clear to justify the feeling. I’m just feeling the crap… Totally embracing it.It makes me a part of the strange life. 

      All I know is that I’m gonna be back to ignoring happiness soon. I’m gonna be more than well again and feeling free. Its part of the cycle. Sad. Happy. Sad. Happy. It teaches us to be grounded and helps us keep our sanity.  

      When Mr. Crap is with me I can’t help but deny him. I feel I need to smile more. Though I know what can get me rid away from him. My tears dams are calling me. They have ripened and have to go… And that’s when I go against the famous Fergie song… Because it makes me realize that when someone like me is feeling dry… It’s good and helps to know that Big girls can cry 🙂


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