La Belle Vita

May 24, 2007


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     May 19, 2007…

     Amazing how a few seconds [just a 180 degrees turn moment… literally…]  can change your disposition in life…

    Faith is indeed a weapon…

    Thanks Healer for this Claimed LIFE…

     VITA… Keep me for long…


Post Note:

    Non-sense huh?! You will never truly understand…


May 8, 2007

Getting Personal

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      I was blog hopping a few days ago and I found these interesting personal quiz post… So have fun… Let me introduce myself in a different way 🙂

Last cigarette: I don’t smoke 🙂

Last car ride: I don’t own a car… Malamang.. 🙂 if cab counts, a couple of weeks ago.. 

Last plane ride: Coming back from Leyte, April 4, 2007

Last good cry: Last Sunday, I received a very appreciative message from someone so dear… I just never thought I’ve been good [woohoo! 🙂 ] and tears just came… Sweet!

Last Library book checked out: Maybe more than a year ago… When I was still in school… I keep reading though… Hanging out on bookstores and borrowed ones… Thanks to JP’s astig lib 🙂 ..

Last movie seen: SpiderMan3…Last Sat… PowerPlant with my hiskul buddies around [Kulit, Troy and RoEx] It was so much fun… Thanks Giw!

Last book read: Sidney Sheldon’s Morning, Noon And Night… Almost done…

Last food consumed: My packed lunch of rice and hotdog… With Banana after and munching Missy’s fried bangus.. Lami!

Last crush: Well… Chiz Escudero! 🙂 Super cool guy…

Last phone call: Yesteday, someone called me up asking about the never-ending credit card thing… 🙂 I don’t care!!!

Last TV show watched: Unang Hirit while having breakfast earlier…

Last time showered: Hmm… Just this morning… about 7:50… hehe… Awhat?! Routine eh…

Last shoes worn: My black office shoes… It adds up to the warm weather 😦

Last CD played: Hmmm… I can’t remember…

Last item bought: My Nike white bag! Yahoo! 🙂

Last downloaded: Someone’s travel journal about her trip to Pagudpud… hehe… Wish lang…

Last annoyance: Hot! Hot! Hot! 🙂

Last disappointment: Bad me 😦

Last soda drank: Coke maybe last weekend…

Last thing written: This! hehe 🙂

Last key used: My bin key… I just found out I left my bin open last night… Pasaway!

Last words spoken: “May game ba ang Spurs today?”… to Sev… 🙂

Last sleep: Last night! 🙂

Last IM: Senyor JP with Senyorita Dangas… haha 🙂

Last weird encounter: Nothing’s strange lately…

Last ice cream eaten: The cookies n’ cream ice cream Kulit bought for me when I had my teeth extracted… For gum healing daw… Thanks… 🙂

Last time amused: Pinoy Big Brother latest updates… haha.. Im not a fan 🙂

Last time wanting to die: Never maybe… I love life!

Last time in love: Years ago… Last year… Last month… Yesterday… Now… I heart LOVE… 🙂

Last time hugged: Last weekend… 🙂

Last chair sat in: My cube chair … (Tama ba un?!)

Last time you went dancing: Just this morning… I just danced alone… Without any music.. haha… Weird me!

Last web page visited: PBB’s site! I told u! haha

Last fruity photo taken: Last April while in Leyte 🙂

Three names you go by:

  • Amor
  • Dangas
  • Maria

Three physical things you like about yourself:

  • Height
  • Teeth
  • Hair

Three physical things you don’t like about yourself:

  • Nails
  • Nose
  • Weight (haha)

Three things that scare you:

  • Total darkness
  • Rat
  • Close spaces 

Three of your everyday essentials:

  • Phone
  • Rosary in my pocket
  • Coin Purse

Three of your favorite musical artists:

  • Bmac
  • Side A
  • Jay-R Siaboc (cute!)

Three of your favorite songs:

  • Incomplete
  • Stay the Same
  • Back at One 

Three things you want in a relationship:

  • Honesty
  • Trust
  • Respect

Three physical things about the opposite sex that appeal to you:

  • Shaved head (its sexy!)
  • Clean nails
  • Simple

Three of your favorite hobbies:

  • Reading
  • Sleeping
  • Just staying at home

Three things you want to do really badly now:

  • a digicam
  • latest Mitch Albom book
  • a girly shoes (i don’t think I have one now…) 

Three careers you’re considering/you’ve considered:

  • Pre-school teacher
  • Youth Facilitator
  • JVP/Gawad Kalinga full-time volunteer 

Three places you want to go on vacation:

  • Batanes
  • Palawan
  • Bohol

Three kid’s names you like:

  • Nikka
  • Paul
  • Japanese names (diba?! hehe) 

Three things you want to do before you die:

  • Travel around Pinas
  • Be a JVP/Gawad Kalinga volunteer
  • Have my own family

Three ways that you are stereotypically male:

  • I burp 🙂
  • Skirt is nowhere in my system
  • I wear pudpud nails

Three people I admire:

  • Mama Mimi
  • Mama Liling
  • Cherry Dy

So there! Hope you’ll learn more about me with what I’ve “exposed” above 🙂

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