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January 26, 2007

My healthy Eyes…

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     Wink! Wink! 🙂

     About two weeks ago… I was having bad headache for days… Still, I was able to come to work and do well… But days later, it went really bad that I have to take a sick leave from work… 😦 

     Mama have me checked in the clinic near our place and I was given some vitamins for my eyes and was advised to wear eyeglasses which… I’m not excited about 🙂 Yes, I’m not liking the idea of wearing them or contacts either… I don’t really think I need it now… (I’m bad… I’m acting that I know better than the doctor 😛 )..

     And so I asked for a second opinion… The first I made use of my health card… 🙂 I went to Medical City with Kulit after my Yoga class… Waited for a while for my turn… The doctor was nice and she explained everything… After leaning my head in the microscope-looking machine twice and reading letters and numbers in different sizes… 

     She proclaimed that my eyes are healthy [20/20] 😛

     She said my headache might be caused by too much exposure to radiation because of my work… Rest is what I need and advised me to have my blood checked as well…

    Good thing!… Rest… [naman!] 🙂

    I’ll have myself checked still by next week maybe so things are clear… 🙂

    I’ll have fun these weekend! My team is going to San Juan, Batangas baby!!! 🙂

    Happy weekend….


January 9, 2007

Welcome to the Club: Lizette!

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      Lizette is in!

      She started yesterday 🙂

      Astig! Lizette is my ultimate company in college.. [We can’t even believe it either]… We’re classmates since college day 1 and sitting beside each other [kung wala ung parent] on our graduation day! We were on the same class for five years… We’re always seatmates during classes even if we were arranged alphabetically [Roa comes after Revilla all the time 😛 ] We even promised each other that once any of us will be an irregular student, the other one will follow the other’s schedule so that we will still be on the same class… That’s why when one of us decided to take up advance classes during summer, the other one decided to forget coming home to province just to be in the same class… We’re in the same things too.. Even in YFC… We even lived in the same house for one school year… Lupet db?!

     And now that we are in the same company… I even heard that she will be with Oracle too… Naman! Im hoping to see her around my floor next month and hopefully be assigned to the team that I am in…

     SANA!  🙂 


     Kaya natin to! Nagawa natin sa AdU so > Inc. din! … 😛

January 2, 2007

So long 2006, Hello 2007

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     2006 was a great year indeed… Sobrang Astig! Thanks dear God for it! 🙂

     There were so many highlights that happened in my life last year… It’s the year where I found my self-worth not only for myself but to the people around me as well especially my loveones…

    I’m done with school[Sa wakas!]… Got to see Southern Pinas in a week [hahha… From the Sea’s point of view] I started working [Lupet…]… I got to earn my own money 😉 …Ivan is back to school [galing!]… Visited St.Clare once a month [Oo, nagawa ko yan!]… Meet and befriend loads of new people… Spent more time with Kulit… Gained weight… and more…..

     Most importantly, I learned a LOT about myself… what I can do and indeed I can conquer myself if I really want to…

     As the year ended… I couldn’t think of anything else but be THANKFUL…

    2006 is a La Belle Vita in the real sense of it…

    2007 is something to look forward to…

    Hope things will be as good or maybe better as last year…

    Healthy family members… Happy home… Be with the people I love…

    Hope to grow up [not physically.. its hopeless]… be mature and be able to handle life and its crossroads well enough to survive and still feel this fulfilled and happy at the end of the year…

    Welcome 2007 🙂

    I embrace you… And may all of us have a good journey all year round 😛

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