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November 24, 2006

Code name: Beth (Open Season)

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     My team in the office doesn’t miss the tradition this year….

     Yup!!! 🙂

     Kris Kringle in the house! 😛

     For this Friday… Its something sticky… Bought marmalade for my baby boy… [Sino kaya yun?!]

     When it was time to take the gifts from the gifts box, I didn’t get my gift right away… I was worried that maybe the one who picked my name didn’t bring a gift for me [Praning!… Pero nangyayari naman tlga un db?! 🙂 ] 

     Good thing! I do have a gift.. Woooopeeee 😉

      For something sticky… I got my peanut butter….

      Hmmm…. Mahilig ako dun… 🙂

      I’m going home happy like a kiddo…

      By the way, the title is my code name… That’s why everybody doensn’t know yet who they picked…

      Ataters nako sa next Friday! Something that will describe my current project…

      Watson’s here I come… Give me something worthy for my 50 bucks 😉


Prayer is a Friend

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     It is…

      24/7 and more…

     Naf said…

     Thanks… 🙂

November 17, 2006

Bisaya 101: Part One

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     I must admit, Im not that good speaking in the dialect but I’ll try to share what I know… 🙂

    And since Elver requested for this… Here it goes…

   Part One : Sweet Nothings

  •    Mahal Kita.                        – Gihigugma ka Naho.
  •    Mahal mo ba ako?           – Nahigugma ba ka naho?
  •    Namimiss Kita.                – Gimingaw ko Nimo.
  •    Namimiss mo ba ako?   – Gimingaw ka naho?
  •    Ingat ka.                              – Pag- amping.
  •    Ang ganda mo.                 – Gwapa ka.
  •    Aalagaan kita.                 – Panggaon ka naho.

      Im not sure if the grammar is right 😉

      More words will be posted next… Mahirap pala! 😛


November 15, 2006

Welcome to the Club : Elver

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     Go Elver!

      I know it has been a rough road but look where you are now! [May work na sya] Galing talaga 🙂

     Oh libre mo ko ha! May bayad to… 😉

     Hope you’ll adjust well and soon… We all know that you’re very good in this craft so yakang-yaka mo to!

     Astig mo Yayo 😛

Go Gurl!

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     Work has been tough for me lately… Things are “out of my coverage area”. I really have so much more to learn about the language we are using…

     It gets worse when I can’t even figure out what questions to ask to my collegues for me to understand what to do when things get too confusing for me… I feel so little at times… Where’s my brain 😦

       Good thing my lead, Anna, is very helpful. Though sometimes I feel being so dependent to her and think that I’m consuming so much of her time for her own tasks. Thanks Anna 😛

        Oh well… I just really have to accept the fact that I don’t know everything regarding Oracle so far. I still have long way to go. I also have to remember that I have my team mates that are willing to guide me…

    Go gurl 🙂

    Keep Learning! Life is gooooood 😛

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