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October 31, 2006

Book Authored by ME?!

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     That’s what a tropa just said to me a while ago… 🙂

     Vote Arvin to be my blog visitors’ prex!

     Mikoy and Arvin have been my long distance buddies these week. They’ve been bugging me by teasing me about anything lately [Ako lang ata naka online sa list nila kaya wala silang choice 😛  ] Which btw, is cool… I didn’t really get to kid hardcore with these two during our 4 years together in college. Astig 🙂 

    Then, Arvin visited this page of mine and commented that I write pretty cool. He even suggested that I can write a book and he would avail [Lany, adik ba asawa mo?! 😛 Bob Ong daw…]…

   Anyway, it actually made me realize how much I used to love writing before. I used to be so passionate about it. I even enjoyed my Journalism classes and dreamed of having it as a career. Maybe that was what I was thinking at the back of my mind when I started this one. I love to write… And I wanna go back there in my little ways…

    Thanks to Arvin for that thought. It brought back memories… Nice.. 🙂

    Thanks to Mikoy for visiting and patronizing my page… Tropa ka nga 😛

     Humanda kaung dalawa kapag nasa same site na tau! 🙂

     And who knows…[Pag kaya ko na buto ko 🙂 ]  Book Authored by Me…

     Possibility is as close as anyone’s breathe…



It can happen…

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      I learned about my friends’ break up yesterday. It was mentioned that the reason why they broke up was because the gal just woke up one day and felt that she’s not inlove with the guy no more. Anak ng! 😦

     But of course they have their reasons…

     Possible pala yun?! We were talking and laughing about it. Reason like that, it was something that we only read in books and see on movies. Another friend said it’s somethng scary and he even teased her gf that maybe she’ll feel the same towards him [d naman daw 🙂 ].

     Personally, I felt scared too. I have a high school friend, his gf left him for the same reason. They were together for like 7 years.. They actually grew up together. Posible pala talagang magsawa… 😦 But how can that be? How do you fall out of love with someone, when once in your life, you actually wished of spending the rest of your life with that person? Hope that instance won’t come my way [It won’t Kulet 🙂 ].

    Oh well, Life can really go unexplainable at times. It really has its own ways. We’re just glad that those people are doing good in their separate lives right now. Glad, that inspite of what happen, they continue to remain good friends. It may take a while to heal everything but atleast they’re take taking one step at a time. 🙂

   And yes, It can Happen…

October 30, 2006

Strangebrew Pipol…

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     I got to talk with Mikoy and Arvin over the phone during lunch [they’re both in > Inc. too… Galing!]. Pinagtripan pa ko nung dalawa kc naka loudspeaker sila.  Nag hang pa pc ko dahil sa kakulitan nila, ewan kung ano ung naclick ko… 🙂 Lintik lang ang walang ganti! 😛

    It was fun. It made me miss college days though 😦  Even Arvin felt the same. Astig lang talaga ung samahan dati. 🙂 Miss you mga tropa ko… StrangeBrew people… Hope to see them all soon and spend a weekend again out of town. Get to swim, sing our hearts out while they’re drinking their Empe all night. 😛

      Magplano na! 😛 

Rainy Monday…

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     I started my day at 6 in the morning which is late than the usual. 🙂 What can I do? It’s raining hard and my bed seems so lovely… I left the house geared up, wearing my jacket, in slippers [good thing I left my shoes in the office last friday] , pants folded up and with my umbrella of course [That’s why he tells me im a good girl 😛 ]. Bawal magkasakit! and I dont want to reach the office looking wasted. hehe

    I arrived in GT minutes after 8. I guess everybody was feeling sleepy like I do. Blame it to the weather!  🙂  And knowing its a Monday, we always have weekend hang over. My team lead [Anna] isn’t around too. She sent me a message earlier that’s she not feeling well. Too bad there’s a flood in their place and the electricity is off too… Buti na lang the weekly team meeting was scheduled tomorrow or else I will be the one reporting for our group which I find myself being funny everytime I do [2 lang kami sa team kaya if wala sya,wala nang iba.. ako] 🙂

   Im hoping Mr. Sun will give us a nicer show tomorrow. 😛


Yoga Day 2

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😛 It was funny!

      We have a new trainer. I was near being late 😦 so I wasn’t around yet when she introduced herself [so dunno her name]. She said she’ll probably the most visible during our coming sessions. She actually looks like my Manoy Kit’s ex-gf [Nang May-Ann]. She’s still young. Middle 20’s maybe.

      Compared to the teacher we had last time, she’s more strict 🙂 In a way that she really pushed us to do the positions the right way and helped us stretch more. That’s when I realized how unfit I am! There was even a moment when she asked me to straighten my legs more and I just blurted out “I can’t!” [atleast the whole class felt the same, nagkataon lang na ako lang ung nagsalita], which made the whole class laughing. 😛 What a spirit!

     Good thing was, she made us use the materials in the center to help us do the moves more nicely and less afraid to fall. During the session, I realized I’m improving, the positions we did last week which I found difficult were easier to do last saturday [like the tree position, the one we usually see in non-fat milk commercial where a person stand on her one feet with arms stretch upward, we did that without leaning on the wall.. Galing! We found our balance]. I guess my body is adjusting now, which of course,is a good thing.

     Im looking forward to the next sessions and see what more my body can do. I’m planning to buy my own mat after the course so I can continue practicing it and influence my Mama to give it a try as well [bonding! 🙂 ].

     And maybe spread Yoga-mania in the house 😛

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